Trial and Error

Zappi Diermaier

The Faust list, Aug 2007

Trial and ErrorAfter a few years of seperation, Jean-Hervé and Zappi called each other at the exact same time. We decided to meet in early 2005 in my basement studio and just start playing. In 2004, I already had an idea to produce something under the title Trial and Error: senselessly playing around, with no target, just to see what would happened, in very close connection with a video recording. Jean-Hervé, a specialist when it comes to laying vocals spontaneously, came up with a few songs right away. For example Marylin Monroe - "ich kann es kaum erwarten dass der Tag anfängt" ("I can barely wait for the day to start"), or Caise Claire, a song against nicotine. He put his head inside of a trash can filled with cigarette ashes, and dug his hands in it, which gave a good sound foundation. I put the camera on a random point and filmed for example only his butt or his feet, which resulted in the song Feet. After the recording I tweaked the sound with extreme effects and edited the video in synchronisation with the sound. After that, "Person S" likewise processed the Video with effects.

As a bonus we included two Faust experiments, taken from the Wümme archives of the early 70's. With two photos from this time, also made to motion pictures using video effects, as well as two songs with Amaury Cambuzat and Olivier Manchion from the group Ulan Bator, which we recorded in the kitchen in Schiphorst acoustically with a camera (Rainy Day and Rondo).

On the cover we show the title in minutes, as well as in GB as AVI files.

Zappi Diermaier, "Trial and Error", The Faust list 2007

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