Faust: Flashback Caruso

aka Silver Machine / Flashback Caruso, Caruso, Caruso

Author : Rudolf Sosna


click to play...  Flashback Caruso  4.01 
from  The Faust Tapes  /  Faust: The Wümme Years

click to play...  S/T: Silver Machine / Flashback Caruso  8.17 
   S/T version live at Dürmentingen
from  s/t -> dürmentingen

  Flashback Caruso  4.27 
   live at the Garage, London 2 Dec 1996
from  Live at The Garage

   Newcastle Carling Academy, 8th Nov 2005
from  Faust in Autumn

   Aberdeen, The Tunnels, 2005
from  Faust in Autumn


When you leave your place
and walk in someone others garden
suddenly you see
it's a warming colour in your mind to be

It's only a garden made of sandwich
marshmallows jumping around and smiling quiet
inside a stone of cream there is a language
bring our minds together, press them tight

The rainbow bridge sounds flashbacks of Caruso
beyond eleven dreams are dancing girls
for everything you feel there is a do so
your mind it is accepted, you are right