Faust: Jennifer

aka Jennifer (alt)

Author : Rudolf Sosna

"The song happened at the Manor Studio (Oxfordshire, GB). There were some young country girls sneaking in and out of the manor's grounds. One was red-haired and had a fantactic aura: she was 'glowing' all over! Amazing, I still remember her presence without remembering her features... Anyway, she talked often with Rudolf and obviously they laughed their heads off together. Rudolf made a song out of this encounter. The six-hands-prepared-piano at the end was recorded at The Manor in a quite collective ethilic mood. The part in the middle (organ plus guitar) sounds more like Wümme, but I'm not sure..." (Jean-Hervé Péron, mail to the faust list, 15th Nov 2004)


click to play...  Jennifer  7.09 
from  Faust IV  /  Progressive Rock

  Jennifer (alt)  7.10 
from  Faust IV


Jennifer, your red hair's burning
Yellow jokes come out of your mind