Faust: The Sad Skinhead

aka The Sad Skin, The Sad Skinhead (Alt), Sad Skin Two, Sad Skin, Fast Head

Author : Jean-Hervé Péron


click to play...  The Sad Skinhead  2.33 
from  Faust IV

  The Sad Skin  3.07 
from  The Faust Concerts 1

  The Sad Skinhead (Alt)  3.19 
from  Faust IV

  Sad Skin Two  2.32 
   written 1974 / live 1995 / remixed 1996
from  Untitled

click to play...  The Sad Skinhead  0.00 
   Video prepared by Zappi
from  Impressions

click to play...  The Sad Skinhead  3.33 
   Jean-Hervé Péron live at the LMC festival
from  Jean-Hervé Live at LMC

  The Sad Skinhead  4.37 
   Live at Real Art Ways, Hartford, 5 May 1994
from  Abzu

  The Sad Skinhead  2.05 
   Jean-Hervé collaboration with Pascal Comelade
from  L'Argot Du Bruit

  The Sad Skinhead  7.07 
   live at the Garage, London 2 Dec 1996
from  Live at The Garage  /  Nobody Knows if it Ever Happened

  Sad Skin
   Newcastle Carling Academy, 8th Nov 2005
from  Faust in Autumn

  Fast Head
   The Loch Ness Club, Krakow, Nov 15th 2006
from  Live in Krakow 2006


Apart from all the bad times you gave me
I always felt good with you
Going places, smashing faces
what else could we do?
Apart from all the good times I gave you
you always felt bad with me
Going places, smashing faces
what else could have happened to us?