Faust: Stretch Out Time

aka Do So, Stretch Out

Author : Rudolf Sosna


click to play...  Stretch Out Time  1:35 
from  The Faust Tapes  /  Faust: The Wümme Years

  Do So  2.33 
   remixed for the John Peel Show, BBC 1st March 1973
from  BBC Sessions  /  Faust IV  /  Faust: The Wümme Years

  Stretch Out  2.40 
   1972, 2002
from  Patchwork 1971-2002


Yes, I see
you are the one to be me...
stretch out time, dive into my mind and sign
get answer and hold your dime
but not into the Coco smile
love is really so...
love is really so true